Due to the COVID-19 restrictions that are currently in place, we have had to postpone our 25th annual Fireman's Banquet. We will hopefully have a new date in the next couple of weeks. We will be holding our Early Bird Raffle drawing on April 18th at 9pm at the Mosinee Fire Station.

Our Team

Position Name
Fire Chief Stephen Haas
Full-Time Captain Adam Grahn
Captains Tom Janssen
Joshua Wiese
Lieutenants Gerald Cartwright

Kendall Nelson

Engineer Randy Volm
Fire Inspector/Lieutenant Gerald Cartwright
EMS/Fire Jared Baumann
Tom Bloomer
Jennifer Buenning
Mike Carrillo

Warren Jacobs
Chaylen Kuklinski
Kendall Nelson

Jake Salber
Joseph Stepanik

Sam Gebert

Kimberly Wiesman

Fire Ryan Haessly

Joel Lingl
Tim Meis
Kevin Newman
Andrew Toboyek

Doug Winter
Mark Yirkovsky

Nathan Patterson

EMS Jayne Bloomer
Jessica Halvorsen
Erika Hintz
Lucas Hintz
Mary Beth Lingl
Myah Ness
Joleen NewmanRachael Ganski

Brittany Small

Trainee’s Branden Wudi