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Mosinee Area Ambulance Services

Mosinee Fire District-Ambulance Service is equipped with three AEMT-level ambulances.

On November 1st, 2012 the Mosinee Area Ambulance Service completed a service upgrade from a “Basic” service to an “Intermediate (AEMT)” level, running with at least an EMT-Basic and EMT-Intermediate Technician. As an intermediate service, Mosinee Area Ambulance Service can provide a higher level of care than a basic service, which consists of administration of IV fluids and additional medications for opiate overdoses, severe diabetic reactions, and chest pain of possible cardiac origin.

Mosinee Area Ambulance Service transports patients to the following hospitals:

Call Teams are paid/on call EMTs (Intermediates & Basics) that are on shift during non-business hours (4 PM – 6 AM).

EMS training is held the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 8AM – 10AM and 6PM – 8PM.

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